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Solar Water Heating

What is Solar Water Heating?

An Energy Superstore evacuated tube solar water heating system is a means of

converting, by way of our roof mounted tubes, radiated light from the sun into your domestic hot water. During the summer months it will give you almost all of your hot water. In the winter months it will supplement your conventional water heating system and significantly reduce your water heating bill.

Solar Panels and Tubes - Energy Superstore 
Solar Water Heating

What will it do?


It will give you FREE hot water! An Energy Superstore Solar water heating system will provide approximately 60% of your annual hot water needs. It will replace increasingly expensive fossil fuels with free energy from the sun. It is probably the the best renewable resource with the quickest payback time: after all, the fuel is free!. It also helps to reduce global warming and reduces our carbon footprint.


Will my house be suitable?


Most homes in Ireland are. Evacuated tube solar collectors are generally mounted on an inclined roof. The panel should ideally face between south-east and south-west and not be subject to shadows. Any direction is suitable except north. Once installed correctly it will provide free hot water and add to the value of your house.


How can I be sure this is a high quality product?


The Energy Superstore Solar Tube system has full EN 12975 European Certification. Compare the estimated annual yield rating of 1281.33Kwh for the 30 Tube system and you will see how efficient the system is.


Will it work in winter?


It will work in Winter, but at a reduced rate. It will assist your domestic hot water production. In winter days are shorter and there are less sunlight hours available. Remember, it’s sunlight, not heat, that we convert. Solar water heating is used in much colder locations than Ireland.


Will it freeze in Winter?


An Energy Superstore Solar Tube system is extremely well insulated so it should not be affected by cold nights, but in the event of really cold sub-zero nights the solar controller automatically switches on the pump to circulate the water around the exposed parts and ensure outside parts will not freeze. There is also the option of adding anti-freeze to the system.


Will it require maintenance?


An Energy Superstore Solar Tube system requires very little maintenance, just an occasional check of the pressure gauge and a quick visual inspection to check everything is ok.

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