Compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations


Part L of the Building Regulations deals with the conservation of Fuel and Energy.


For a new house to comply with Part L you will need to obtain a BER report from a registered assessor.


The 2 Key Values that must be met are:


MPEPC (maximum permitted energy performance co efficient) must be equal to 0.4 or less.


MPCPC (maximum permitted carbon performance co efficient) must be equal to 0.46 or less.

A successful DEAP assessment is required for a new dwelling and a BER rating of A3 or better.

FREE compliance DEAP Part L analysis

We are offering FREE compliance DEAP Part L analysis when an IVT Heat Pump is being installed into a new build and can provide supply and installation of underfloor heating, high efficiency radiators, heat recovery ventilation, solar panels and Pellet stoves.


Generally speaking, an IVT Air to water Heat pump partnered with Underfloor heating achieves more than enough to meet part L.

Please contact us below or call in to see us for more information, or to request our free DEAP analysis service.

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