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        Ground Source Heat Pump

The heat pump is equipped with the latest generation of low-power pump.


Our new soil, rock, sea or ground water heat pump IVT Greenline HE is equipped with the latest generation of low-energy circulation in both cold and hot side. This means that electricity consumption is further reduced giving you even lower heating costs.


The heat pump has a new design and new control equipment with the same proven technology as the IVT Greenline HT Plus. IVT Greenline HE is that the C-model with built-in water heater of 185 liters or as E-model with separate processors, ideal for low ceilings or larger hot water demand.


5 quick questions about the IVT Greenline HE:

  • Complete solution for both heating and hot water.

  • Retrieving energy from the earth, mountain, lake or groundwater.

  • Equipped with the latest generation of low-power pump.

  • Choose a model with built-in water heater (C) or separate heater (E).

  • Provides high power saving.


Swan Label for your and for the environment.


Swan labeling of IVT Greenline HE means that the pumps have passed the harsh climatic and environmental requirements of the Nordic Ecolabel.Also complies with the requirements of functionality and quality that is part of Swan's vision for a sustainable society.

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