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Flat, Flair and Philo-
Compact stoves



A very shallow pellet stove (only 27 cm), particularly suitable for small spaces. Two air flows adjustable as needed according to the heating requirements of the room. Aluminium top, black painted steel sides and metal front (White, Bordeaux, Black, Bronze or Aluminium).

Air flows adjustable as needed

Product feed-back

We installed Philo flush with the wall, making it really discreet and using the existing duct." – David Lange. Read more on yourFire


This stove can be managed with a remote control with few buttons and lots of functions. In addition to the nor-mal daily and weekly programming functions, you can program different temperatures in different time slots during the day. Since the temperature can be read exactly in the spot where it is left (thermostat function), the comfort level is assured.

Switch it on with an SMS

All MCZ pellet models can be managed via mobile phone with a simple text message (an accessory kit is required).

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