Air To Water Heatpump


  • Extremely quiet air / water heat pump

  • Future proof - work Hardest when electricity prices are lowest

  • The inverter controller adapts to the building's heating

  • Patented defrost ensures the operation and saves energy

  • 10 year warranty on the compressor and six years on the entire heat pump.

Air to Water Heatpumps


Air to Water Heat Pumps are renewable energy products which extract heat from the air to heat your home and produce your domestic hot water.

IVT Air to Water Heat Pumps are one of the most effieient and effective ways of heating your home and hot water.

This technology will enable you to reduce your home heating costs, while being environmentally friendly.

​Who are IVT?

  • IVT  have been manufacturing Heat Pumps since 1970

  • Over a million Heat Pumps Installed making them one of of the worlds largest Heat pump suppliers

  • IVT is owned by the German Bosch Group  

  • IVT is one of the leading heat pump manufacturers and energy solution designers in Europe. They focus on developing and manufacturing heat pumps that provide the optimal system with respect to the environment and heat economy.


Why Choose IVT AirX to Water Heat Pump?

IVT AirX air source heat pumps boast their best ever seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) score of up to 4.68.

The SCOP is a measure of how efficiently the AirX operates throughout the year taking into account seasonal temperature variations. This figure means that for every kilowatt of energy required to power the heat pump, you get almost 5 kilowatts out.

Out of 332 heat pumps on the MCS database (UK TEST), the IVT AirX ranks number one, and with an SCOP of up to 4.68, AirX is the most efficient air source heat pump range in its class.

IVT Air X was also the top performing Heat Pump in the Danish Institute test of all European heat Pumps in 2015. 20% more efficient than the 2nd place.

Low noise levels: in the test, IVT AirX was also quieter than

any of its rivals.


IVT AirX heat pumps are inverter driven.The compressor automatically adjusts heat production for your home's heat demand.  This means that the pump does not use any electricity when the home is at the required temperature, thus saving you money.​​​​​​​

Comprehensive Warranty; The IVT Service plan offers you the opportunity of a 10 year warranty on the compressor and 6 year warranty on the heat pump.​​

IVT Air X was the winner of the 2015 Build it awards "Best Sustainable Energy Product"

The outside unit is the only unit  in its class that is completely manufactured from polyurethane. This makes it the best solution for all weather conditions, especially by the Sea.

IVT AirX ​


IVT AirX is an extremely quiet air / water heat pump, with a SPF top-notch.Behind the impressive performance conceals several groundbreaking innovations. For example, five new patents registered during development.

A new generation of air / water heat pumps.

IVT AirX is a new generation air / water heat pumps, which sets new standards in terms of both efficiency and quietness. At the same time introduced a variety of new technological innovations.

Future Proof - Save Money with Smart Grid. 

IVT AirX is equipped with intelligent speed control that adjusts heating the house's heating needs. IVT AirX is the first air / water heat pump with variable speed drive specifically designed for the Nordic climate. It was also designed with the future control technology - Smart Grid. This means that it is able to connect directly to the Nordic power exchange and self-adjusts so that it works the hardest when electricity prices are lowest. Demand and thus the price of electricity varies during the hours of the day. The technology saves up to 2000 SEK extra per year *.  

Developed for the Nordic climate. 
IVT AirX continues to provide efficient heating even when the outside temperature is approaching 20 degrees below zero. The heat pump also has a patented avfrostningsteknik. It means that the fan speed is controlled so that the defrost starts as late as possible. It means that no energy is used to defrost when it is above 5 degrees outside. In addition there is an integrated alarm that warns if leaves or other debris stuck in the built drip tray. These features ensure that the heat pump can continue to provide warmth with maximum comfort.

IVT AirX - heat pump that is not noticeable. 
air / water heat pump installed outdoors and often next to the house wall (but no closer than 40 cm). It is therefore particularly important that the sound level is kept at a very low level. We have developed a completely new insulation construction providing IVT AirX the lowest sound power level, while we can keep the size of the heat pump. This means that it is both seen and heard less.

Smart control systems.  
steering system Rego 2000 ® allows you not to worry about the heat pump settings more than you want. The intelligent control system adjusts the operation completely on your own based on your home heating needs. Want to make your own adjustments, you have easy access to all the settings you need IVT Anywhere (optional) allows you to monitor and control the heat pump directly into your smartphone. The heat pump can also be run in conjunction with solar collectors.

A safer investment. 
When you invest in an IVT AirX included is a 10-year warranty on the compressor (the heart of your heat pump) and 6 years for the entire heat pump. 
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