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Aleternum : Anti-corrosion Technology

Corrosion is the main cause of malfuction in heating systems. In addition to degrading system compentents, corrosion can

significaly reduce the efficency of radators over the years, which means increased fuel comsuption and higher running costs. 

For instance, in a heating system with cast iron or steel radiators, corrosion can cause a build up of sludge and dirt that will

restrict the flow of water, reduce the heat output and result in an unbalanced heat distribution. 

in traditional aluminum radiators, corrosion leaves to the formation of gas pockets that prevent the radiators heating up evenly

and can reduce their heat output. 

to delay the onset of corrosion, fondital has developed a aleternum, the exclusive resin based inner surface treatment to

protect the internal water chamber.

Aleternum by fondital opens up a new era of total protection, safety and high outputs for heating systems. 

Your heating system will remain as new as day one.

Treatment of radiators 

What is corrosion?

A chemico-physical interaction of metal with a moist environment. it can alter the properties of metal and can often impair the functionality of the metal, equipment or system affected 

Metal + Water + Oxodizing Agent = Corrosion 

The different forms of corrosion are defined according to the area of the metal affected by corrosion as follows: 

General corrosion (or widespread corrosion)​ : When the entire surface area of the material is affected by corrosion. 

Uniform corrosion: When corrosion affects the entire surface area of the material and causes the same degree of damage

all over the surface.

Localized corrosion: Corrosion only affects certain areas of the material. the area affected by corrosion may present different morphology's, such as pits, craters, pin holes, cavities, cracks ect... 

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